Friday, April 30, 2010

Kenna is walking!!!

After taking this long video of me trying to convince Kenna to walk to me....

She finally decided to give me a little glimpse of what I wanted to see...

Haha. She gets so excited and starts walking so fast that she loses control and falls! But she stands herself right back up and is off again! I will try to get a better/longer video soon (If she decides to cooperate with me) :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been interesting...

The past week or so. The day my last post was written, Kris lost his job. They just let him go. Said he wasn't "right for the company" but I cant blame them, he hated working there and I guess they picked up on that. But hey, it was a paycheck! No more. So he is home with us again, searching for work!!

Kenna got over her stomach virus. We just let it run its course and now she's fine :) Saturday morning, we woke up and went to pancake house for breakfast. Half way through the meal, Gavin barfed in his plate. Yes, as we were all enjoying our delicious pancakes. Poor kid. After that we paid the bill and bolted. I had a lot of errands to run that day so I dropped the boys off at home and Kenna and I went shopping. I got a phone call from Kris saying Gavin had diarrhea twice since I left and was throwing up again. Poor baby. He was SO not feeling well. So all day Saturday he was like this. My poor husband, he was the one cleaning it all up. (Hey, I have a weak stomach!) I thought we were going to have to cancel his bday party the next day and he was so bummed about it. But that night he fell asleep around 8pm, which is record breaking for Gavin. He slept all night and was up at 6:30 the next morning acting like his normal self; Running around chasing the dogs, doing back flips off the couch, and using the bed as a trampoline. He seemed much better and wanted to go on with the party, so we did. It was totally chaotic (more on that later) but he had fun. We got home and were putting some of his new toys together, and he threw up again! He has been sick ever since, but I think he is finally getting over it.

Now about the party. I stress easily. The littlest things can stress me out and a big party totally stresses me out. But a party at Chuck E Cheese on a busy Sunday.... Forget it. I will never do that again. Yesterday, I was reminded of why I always have Gavin's birthday parties at our house... It is so much easier! There were like 5 birthday parties going on at one time and the "birthday show" was a mess. Five party hosts screaming at the top of their lungs is not what I had in mind when I booked the party. The kids had fun though, and that's the important thing. Gavin enjoyed seeing friends and family and playing all the games. By 5 o'clock everyone was gone and he was begging to go home because he was so tired (that never happens!). All in all it was a good day. He had a great 4th birthday :) But from now on, we're sticking to house parties.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am so sleep deprived!

After Kenna's vomiting incident, she threw up about 10 times the next day. Then she started running a fever and was still throwing up yesterday. So to the doctor we went! He said he thinks its just a stomach virus and we cant do anything but let it run its course. When we got home I started limiting her nursing since she was only throwing up after she was nursed and that seemed to help. She did not throw up last night but she was awake and crying most of the night. I finally gave in and put her in my bed. Just as she was drifting off, Gavin woke up and puked in the bed! Poor babies. They both had the stomach virus, and Kris and I have been cleaning up vomit and not getting sleep the past couple of days. They both seem good today though so maybe we're getting past the virus!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last night was a mess... literally.

So after I posted about my book wreath, I stayed up and watched TV for a while then hit the hay. About 2am Kenna woke up to nurse. When she does this in the middle of the night (which is rare) I put her in my bed until she is back asleep, then move her to her crib. But this time it didn't go down as smoothly. She was in bed for about 15 minutes, I was drifting off, and I hear her coughing and gagging. I turn on the light to see that she is projectile vomiting alllllllll over my (side of the) bed. Fab-you-lous. This wasn't just a little throw up, I'm talking she was covered in puke, my bed was covered in puke, and since she was laying on her side, half of her head was also covered in puke. I quickly woke the boys up to get them out of bed (yes, they slept thru the vomiting and the lights). Kris started changing the bed, and Gav curled up on the floor next to Bosco. I undressed Kenna for a bath, set her on the bathroom floor, turned on the water and she starts going "yay!" and clapping her hands. Haha. She loves a bath! I think she just had too much to eat and that's what made her sick because after she got it all out, she was fine. Since Gav isn't used to being woken up in the middle of the night, he had a little trouble going back to sleep and it was about 4 before we were all asleep again. But they were both still up at 8 o'clock this morning. It was a rough night; which makes for a rough day. Hopefully we'll get a nap this afternoon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Wreath

*First of all, let me just apologize for the pictures below. The flash on my camera was not on and the pictures did not turn out very well. :/*

Okay, so if you know me... You know I love crafts. I love DIY projects. Although I'm not the best at doing them, I do love to try. Have you checked out any of the links to the left? There are some great blogs and sites over there. I got this craft from Living with Lindsay. Here is the exact post where you can find this project. It is super super easy! It is a wreath made from book pages (as if you couldn't tell that by the title! ha). I made this one first, following her tutorial exactly....

I took one look at it when it was finished and said... I want to make another one! It is such an easy project and I love the results. So I made another one to put in Kenna's room. After the wreath was done, I used spray paint to give it some pink color. Check it out....

I love love it! And now that I have mastered this project, I am on a DIY rampage! I have already found my next project and will be attempting it tomorrow :) Check back soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me and my little man

Gavin has been to the movies once in his whole (almost) four years of life. And it was not a pleasant experience. He was about two years old at the time and sat through the first 20 minutes of the movie then ran up and down the stairs for another 20 minutes, then we ended up walking out. So after that, I did not want to take him back and pay to see a movie that we would only see the first half hour of. Well there have been commercials for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie on his cartoon channels and he's been wanting to see it. So last Sunday I told him I would take him to see the movie (it was playing at the dollar theater) and figured if we ended up leaving half way through, well I only spent $2 on it so it wouldn't matter. Except he decided he wanted to cash in the coins in his piggy bank that day too. When Gavin decides to cash in his coins and buy a new toy, it usually ends up an all day event. He spends about two hours going up and down the toy aisles to find the exact toy he wants. That's what happened last weekend. By the time we walked out of Target, we were 40 minutes late for the movie so we ended up just going to lunch and going home. So this morning when we woke up and found out his Tball game had been canceled (due to rain), the first thing he asked was "Mommy, can we go see the chipmunks movie?" But it isn't showing at the theater anymore. So we decided on How to train your dragon and off we went. Kenna stayed with my mom and Gav and I got to spend some time together. Just Mommy and Gavin... That never happens! He had a lot of fun and after spending *gulp* $18 on snacks and drinks for the two of us, he was a happy little man :) He has informed me that we will be going back next month to see Shrek 3 and we will be back in June to see Toy Story 3. We had a nice day together :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can I just have a normal conversation?

Do you have a 3/4 year old? Because if you do, I can almost guarantee you're going through this too. Gavin has just recently started listening to every single word out of my mouth. I kid you not, he hears EVERYTHING. He can be downstairs watching TV in the living room and if I'm upstairs and say "dang it" he shouts, "what happened, mom?" But not only does he hear everything, he also has to know everything. It is nearly impossible for Kris and I to have a conversation without Gavin asking what we're talking about or what does that word mean. I think I am going to have to give up talking to my husband in the car because that's when its the worst. With Gavin in the backseat asking who/what I'm talking about every time I say something! I know he is just a curious (and very nosey) little child, but geeeez can I have a conversation with no interruptions, please!!!

Anyway... we had practice tonight and it was great. Gav is finally getting to know the other kids on his team and actually warming up to them now. He really broke out of his shell today and was having a good time. One of the dads on the team actually said to me... Wow, Gavin is really loosening up lately. It's nice to see him let loose and have fun with the other kids.

Oh, are you wondering why I'm blogging at 2am? Well, I got the kids to bed at a decent hour and was sleeping for a little while. But I have extremely horrible allergies lately (like every other Texas resident) and I wake up sneezing about 500 times during the night. Then my eyes start watering and itching and well, its pretty hard to get back to sleep with all this going on. I swear, allergies will be the death of me. I have always had seasonal allergies really bad, but this year it is the worst!!

Kris is home from work tomorrow and if the weather cooperates, we will be having a nice day at the park! Hopefully!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ahh! I haven't blogged in so long!!! I feel like I need to blog! It's my way of venting, and helps preserve my sanity! And I totally need that right now because I have been super stressed lately.

So I took Gavin to the dentist yesterday. This was the first time he had ever been to the dentist, and Kris was working and could not go with me. To make a long story short, I had both kids (screaming their heads off, I might add), a retard for a dentist, and a nurse that barely spoke English (I couldn't understand a word out of her mouth). It was just a horrible experience. Horrible. And that is putting it mildly. The retard, uh I mean... dentist, informed me that Gavin has cavities that need crowns ASAP. I called Kris on my way home, trying to hold it together in front of the kids, but completely broke down. Started bawling my eyes out and ranting about how stressed I am. Poor Kris, it takes a lot to put up with my mood swings, and he does it extremely well. I went on about how I should be brushing Gavin's teeth better and he shouldn't be drinking soda and that dentist was a moron and I couldn't get the kids under control and blah blah blah. He calmed me down, reassured me that things were going to be okay, and told me he would find another dentist. Kris called Gavin's surgeon and asked for them to refer us to a dentist that they trust. So now we have a new appointment, with a new dentist on the 28th. This dentist actually had a cleft lip and palate, and he treats a lot of Dr. Fearon's (Gavin's surgeon) patients so I have a lot of faith and trust in him. And this time I am taking someone with me to help tame my out-of-control children. Although after the traumatizing experience Gavin had yesterday, I doubt he will handle "going to the dentist again" very well.

So that is just one of the many things I am currently stressing over. There are plenty more but I will not bore you with them.

How about some good news? Gavin's first tball game was awesome! He had a lot of fun and the kids got the "running after you hit the ball" part down pretty quickly. Here are some pictures from the game....

Gavin hit the first ball of the game!
And since Daddy couldn't be there, Pop'op was there to help!
Kenna watching the kids play ball.

So we all had a good time and Gav is very excited about his game this weekend. We're supposed to have practice tonight but I think its going to rain so we'll see. I'm going to try to keep my stress to a minimum today :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baths, Tball, and Walking

Here are some pictures I took a couple of days ago.

As if they couldn't get any cuter... Then they held hands....

So precious :)

Ok enough awww-ing over the kids! Gav had practice last night and had a blast! He is getting better at hitting the ball, now he just needs to learn to run the bases (and this is for the whole team, not just Gav). The game tomorrow should be interesting because the kids aren't sure what to do after they hit the ball, so they get this big smile on their face then stand there waiting to hit another ball. It's kind of funny. I tried to get some pictures of him last night but I had the other little munchkin with me and every time I turned around she was EATING GRASS. I soon realized that I was going to have to put the camera away and watch her like a hawk. She still hasn't mastered the art of walking yet but is still trying. She gets a little better everyday. She also has a new bruise or black eye everyday from falling down. Poor girl.

My son is yelling he's hungry and wants food RIGHT NOW MOMMY. So I shall continue this post later!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting back in the groove

FINALLY got this blog under control! If you looked at it at all in the past couple of days it was probably a MESS! I'm so damn picky when it comes to the layout and stuff so it takes me FOREVER to find something I like. And I don't have photoshop so I cant just make my own :/ Anyway, I changed it up quite a bit so have a look around. I'm still putting a few bits and pieces together. Check out the sites to the left... They have some great stuff!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!! We did! Hubby was home and we had some family over for Easter lunch/dinner. Then went to my father in law's for some dessert and more good times :) The kids were showered with gifts and candy. Thanks grandparents! Gavin has been on a sugar high for the past two days and I'm just trying to keep up with him. Did I mention he had his first t-ball practice? It went really well. He got his uniform... It's so cute. I'm gonna try to get a lot of pictures at his first game this weekend! Kenna is taking more and more steps every day. She hasn't mastered the "getting up by herself" part but if there is something next to her that she can pull herself up on... She most definitely will. Then she'll attempt a few steps until she falls on her bottom.

Have to go for now... Will update more soon :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time For A Change

My blog is currently under construction. I was planning on getting it all done in a day, but with two kids, duty calls and I cannot get it all done at once. Hopefully I will get it finished soon!


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