Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me and my little man

Gavin has been to the movies once in his whole (almost) four years of life. And it was not a pleasant experience. He was about two years old at the time and sat through the first 20 minutes of the movie then ran up and down the stairs for another 20 minutes, then we ended up walking out. So after that, I did not want to take him back and pay to see a movie that we would only see the first half hour of. Well there have been commercials for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie on his cartoon channels and he's been wanting to see it. So last Sunday I told him I would take him to see the movie (it was playing at the dollar theater) and figured if we ended up leaving half way through, well I only spent $2 on it so it wouldn't matter. Except he decided he wanted to cash in the coins in his piggy bank that day too. When Gavin decides to cash in his coins and buy a new toy, it usually ends up an all day event. He spends about two hours going up and down the toy aisles to find the exact toy he wants. That's what happened last weekend. By the time we walked out of Target, we were 40 minutes late for the movie so we ended up just going to lunch and going home. So this morning when we woke up and found out his Tball game had been canceled (due to rain), the first thing he asked was "Mommy, can we go see the chipmunks movie?" But it isn't showing at the theater anymore. So we decided on How to train your dragon and off we went. Kenna stayed with my mom and Gav and I got to spend some time together. Just Mommy and Gavin... That never happens! He had a lot of fun and after spending *gulp* $18 on snacks and drinks for the two of us, he was a happy little man :) He has informed me that we will be going back next month to see Shrek 3 and we will be back in June to see Toy Story 3. We had a nice day together :)


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