Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am so sleep deprived!

After Kenna's vomiting incident, she threw up about 10 times the next day. Then she started running a fever and was still throwing up yesterday. So to the doctor we went! He said he thinks its just a stomach virus and we cant do anything but let it run its course. When we got home I started limiting her nursing since she was only throwing up after she was nursed and that seemed to help. She did not throw up last night but she was awake and crying most of the night. I finally gave in and put her in my bed. Just as she was drifting off, Gavin woke up and puked in the bed! Poor babies. They both had the stomach virus, and Kris and I have been cleaning up vomit and not getting sleep the past couple of days. They both seem good today though so maybe we're getting past the virus!


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