Friday, April 9, 2010

Baths, Tball, and Walking

Here are some pictures I took a couple of days ago.

As if they couldn't get any cuter... Then they held hands....

So precious :)

Ok enough awww-ing over the kids! Gav had practice last night and had a blast! He is getting better at hitting the ball, now he just needs to learn to run the bases (and this is for the whole team, not just Gav). The game tomorrow should be interesting because the kids aren't sure what to do after they hit the ball, so they get this big smile on their face then stand there waiting to hit another ball. It's kind of funny. I tried to get some pictures of him last night but I had the other little munchkin with me and every time I turned around she was EATING GRASS. I soon realized that I was going to have to put the camera away and watch her like a hawk. She still hasn't mastered the art of walking yet but is still trying. She gets a little better everyday. She also has a new bruise or black eye everyday from falling down. Poor girl.

My son is yelling he's hungry and wants food RIGHT NOW MOMMY. So I shall continue this post later!

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