Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What is it with my kids and puking?

Granny Ma'am - CAUTION. I know you have a very weak stomach!

I took Gavin to Going Bonkers the other day. He demanded he have a sour apple slush.... I finally gave in and got him one. An hour later, we come home and I see that one of the dogs got sick and pooped on the floor. As I am laying Kenna down and getting ready to go get toilet paper to clean up the mess, I say to Gavin... "Watch out, there is poop on the floor, don't step in it!!!" Not even a minute later I hear Gavin screaming "Ahhhhh!" So I rush downstairs saying "Whats wrong, whats wrong!" He goes to me.. "I have poop on my fooooooooooooot!"

He stepped in it.

I'm like... "Okay, its okay we'll clean it off." So I run over and clean his foot off and the whole time I'm doing this, Gavin is just gagging (the kid has a weak stomach). I tell him... "Gavin, if you're going to throw up... RUN to the bathroom!" He assures me he is fine and he is not going to throw up. Two seconds later I hear a splat on the floor. I turn around to find puke right by his feet. At this point I am COMPLETELY disgusted and feel like puking myself. But it doesn't end there. I get his puke on the floor cleaned up and find out he has puked two more times, but this time not on the floor.... ON THE COUCH!

Oh my gosh, I could have killed the dog that day for pooping on the floor and causing this fiasco. I think Gavin's weak stomach was a combination of smelling poop, stepping in poop, AND the gross sour apple slush he drank an hour before. Poor kid, no more slush's for him.

So all that happened about four days ago. Then yesterday, I'm feeling pretty good because Kenna has FINALLY been eating baby food so I'm not having to nurse her every two hours or force her to take formula. Well we had had a long day and got home around 6pm after sitting in traffic for an hour, listening to Kenna scream the whole way home (she was hungry and I think she's teething). We get home and I nurse her, thinking she'll go to sleep for an hour and I will finally have some peace and quiet.

Well she had other plans... no nap time for her, no peace and quiet for me.

An hour and a half after I nursed her, she started acting like she was hungry again so I got her some sweet potatoes (her favorite) and started feeding her. She was SCARFING them down until the last bite. I got up to put her bowl and spoon in the sink and what happens.... She starts VOMITING, I mean PROJECTILE VOMITING. Every ounce of milk she had before, and every bite of sweet potatoes she just ate... It all came right back up and into her lap. SO GROSS.

I have had my fair share of cleaning up poop and vomit, I mean having four dogs and two kids will give you that. But in four days..... gross. I would rather clean up poop than vomit!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tis The Season

Can't believe Kenna is five months old today. Seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with her! But what is even more hard to believe is the fact that I have been able to nurse her this long. I'm ready for that to be over, but there is no end in sight. Kenna REFUSES to eat ANY sort of baby food. She spits it out at me and has just recently started swatting the spoon away from her mouth... greaaaaaaaat. She absolutely hates formula and will only take it when she is at my Mom's and she knows she has no other option. It is quite frustrating.

Gav is doing wonderful. He is very into tattoos at the moment (the rub-ons of course). And all he talks about these days is CHRISTMAS! Every morning, afternoon and night he says to me... "Mommy, its almost Christmas time!" It is adorable. He also lets me know every day that he wants a red motorcycle for Christmas, and that he is going to tell Santa that. I think this is the year he will absolutely love and really understand Christmas.

He loved Halloween this year! He had a birthday party to go to that day so he got to wear his costume, and got his face painted (for the first time). Then we came home and went trick or treating, yes, he actually did it this year. Last year I think he got to our neighbor's house and that was it. He was not into it at all so we came home and he passed out candy. This year he didn't want to stop trick or treating, and he woke up the next morning saying... "Can we go trick or treating today?" So cute.

The countdown is on! We are going to see Curious George Live on the 21st! Gav is super excited about it! Then we've got Thanksgiving, our Christmas party, Christmas, and New Years! I love this time of year and all the Holidays :)


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