Friday, April 16, 2010

Can I just have a normal conversation?

Do you have a 3/4 year old? Because if you do, I can almost guarantee you're going through this too. Gavin has just recently started listening to every single word out of my mouth. I kid you not, he hears EVERYTHING. He can be downstairs watching TV in the living room and if I'm upstairs and say "dang it" he shouts, "what happened, mom?" But not only does he hear everything, he also has to know everything. It is nearly impossible for Kris and I to have a conversation without Gavin asking what we're talking about or what does that word mean. I think I am going to have to give up talking to my husband in the car because that's when its the worst. With Gavin in the backseat asking who/what I'm talking about every time I say something! I know he is just a curious (and very nosey) little child, but geeeez can I have a conversation with no interruptions, please!!!

Anyway... we had practice tonight and it was great. Gav is finally getting to know the other kids on his team and actually warming up to them now. He really broke out of his shell today and was having a good time. One of the dads on the team actually said to me... Wow, Gavin is really loosening up lately. It's nice to see him let loose and have fun with the other kids.

Oh, are you wondering why I'm blogging at 2am? Well, I got the kids to bed at a decent hour and was sleeping for a little while. But I have extremely horrible allergies lately (like every other Texas resident) and I wake up sneezing about 500 times during the night. Then my eyes start watering and itching and well, its pretty hard to get back to sleep with all this going on. I swear, allergies will be the death of me. I have always had seasonal allergies really bad, but this year it is the worst!!

Kris is home from work tomorrow and if the weather cooperates, we will be having a nice day at the park! Hopefully!

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