Friday, September 3, 2010

Stupid car

Seriously? I'm in Texas... the temp's lately have been in the 100's... annnddd the AC in my car went out a few days ago. GREAAAT! After suffering through the heat since Monday, I finally took it to the shop yesterday morning. & after having the car all day long, they called at about 6pm last night and said they'll need to keep it over night because they still haven't figured out the problem. Fabulous.

So this morning I planned on quietly waking up around 7am to take my MIL to work so I could use her car today. Yes, quietly... meaning I didn't want to wake either of the kids or Hubbs because I knew they would all be cranky if woken up that early. But to my surprise, Kenna woke up at 6am!!!! And never went back to sleep. I ended up taking her with me on the 30 minute drive taking MIL to work (1 hr total driving) and for sure thought Kenna would fall asleep in the car... nope. After several unsuccessful attempts to get her down for a nap when we got home, I finally just gave up. This child is crank-y! She is cutting teeth, has a runny nose, and is sleep deprived but refuses to lay down.

I finally got her asleep (by rocking her, which I haven't done in months). I have so much stuff to get done, but am too exhausted from fighting her to sleep to do any of it. & I have to pick Gav up from school in an hour so will have to wake Kenna up then.

Can you believe that the high for today is 85... seriously? I could have just driven with no AC today and taken the car in tomorrow. Blahh.

It has been one of those days. & it's only 1:30.


Erinsgobragh said...

I hate cars sometimes. I got a piece of S**T 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has given us trouble for as long as I can remember. Good thing hubby is a auto mechanic. Wish you were up here in PA hubby would have gotten it fixed in no time.

I can only imagine what they will try to charge you for it :P

Ya cranky babies suck! At least you got family close by, all the rest of Randy's are in MD so it'd be an hour to get to them if I needed help! YIKES lol.

Nikki said...

I'm sorry, girl. That is no fun. Let's hope tomorrow is better.


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