Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daily Routine

I was reading a fellow blogger's post about schedules today, when I realized I don't have a schedule. My life is chaotic and my kids aren't really on a schedule, we're kind of all over the place. Is that horrible? I sat down and tried to write out our daily routine, and I came up with something. A day in my life usually goes a little like this...

9am - Kenna wakes up and talks to herself for 10 minutes before I get up and get her. I change her diaper, and we quietly play in her room for a little bit.

9:30 - We head downstairs, and I turn on my morning talk show before Gavin gets up and SpongeBob takes over the TV. I start making breakfast while Kenna destroys the kitchen.

Gavin wakes up sometime between 9:30 and 10am.

10am - Breakfast is ready. I feed Kenna and pick her cup up off the floor 500 times because she thinks its funny, and finally decide to just take it away. Gavin is up by now and watching cartoons. He refuses to eat breakfast.

10:30 - Clean Kenna. Clean the highchair. Clean the table, floor, and dishes. Clean the disaster known as my kitchen that Hurricane Kenna destroyed while waiting for her breakfast. During this time she is usually in the living room, tormenting her brother.

11am - Head upstairs to get ready for our play date at the mall, water park, pool, friends house, or Chick-Fil-A. While I'm showering and getting dressed, the kids are either playing together nicely (which is rare), or fighting over toys (which is often).

11:30 - Argue with Gavin for 10 minutes about what he's going to wear today. "I want to wear my blue sweater and boots." It is 110 degrees outside, you're not wearing that. "Then find my Toy Story shirt, I'll wear it." You wore that the past two days, it's dirty. (That is his favorite shirt and he wants to wear it every. single. day.) "Ugh, fine then I'm going naked." No you're not. Come here and put this on.

11:45 - I get Kenna changed and dressed. Brush both kid's teeth. Look all over the house for matching shoes, find them and put them on.

Noon - Head out the door, 15 minutes late, inevitably forgetting something.

12pm-2pm - We have a play date and lunch or we run errands.

2:15 - We get home, and I put Kenna down for a nap.

2:15-3:45 - Kenna naps. I play with Gavin, start laundry, pick up toys, read blogs, find something to make for dinner, and take a 5 minute nap.

3:45 - Kenna wakes up. We head downstairs and have a snack.

4pm - Play with the kiddos, reading books, building lincoln log houses, making tents in the bunk bed, playing house, or shooting each other with G.I. Joes and robots. Pick up toys.

5pm - Fold laundry from earlier (yes, I do laundry pretty much every day). Start preparing dinner while kids run around in circles chasing each other or the dogs. Discipline kids, make dinner, yell at kids to calm down and behave, cook dinner, threaten kids that they will go to bed without dinner if they don't simmer down and stop running through the kitchen.

6pm - Dinner is ready. Set the table, make both the kids plates, cut up their food, blow on it until its cool, and get drinks for each of them.

6:20 - Kids are situated. I finally make my plate and sit down to eat.

6:30 - Everyone is done with dinner, except me. Wipe down kids; hands, mouth, face, arms, and ears (how they get food in all those places, I will never know.) Hurry and finish my plate.

6:45 - I'm done with my plate. I clean off the table, and follow the kids into the living room to relax for a little while. My mother in law cleans the kitchen since I made dinner, isn't that sweet? :)

7pm - I head upstairs and start the kid's baths.

7:20 - They're clean and bored in the bathtub. I get them out, dry them off, lotion them up, and put jammies on.

7:40 - Ahh we're almost to bed time. We go to Gav's room and put on a movie or read books.

8pm - Kenna goes to bed.

Gav goes to bed sometime between 9 and 10.

From 10-12 I spend my time catching up on DVR'd shows, writing blog posts, or snuggling with hubbs. Then we get up tomorrow morning and start it all over again!

Are you exhasted yet? I get exhausted just thinking about it. I'm sure when Gavin starts school on Monday we will develop a new and improved daily routine, or at least I hope so.

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Eclipsed said...

Isn't it amazing what we get accomplished before noon? Although I am jealous that your kids sleep so late! Following you from the 30 Day Blog Challenge.


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