Thursday, August 19, 2010

School & New Shoes

We went to Gav's school tonight, took a tour, met his teacher, played in his classroom, and went over the daily routine. It was so much fun, seeing where he's going to be learning and playing and having fun. I'm very excited for him. This is the start of a whole new chapter of his life, and I really think he's going to enjoy this first year of school.

And I feel like I'm going to get a little taste of freedom, in the three hours a day he's at school. I will be able to run errands, prepare dinner, play with Kenna, clean the house, do laundry, take a nap.... ahh it will be nice :) Tomorrow we've got to go get school supplies, a backpack and a lunch box, I think Gav will get a little more excited once we do that. He loved the classroom though... he thinks its so cool that he has a locker with his name on it. I will be taking him to school Monday, and staying with him for lunch, then he is off on his own and I'm hoping it wont be too hard for him... or me.

Check out Kenna's adorable new{ish} shoes. I got them for her a few weeks ago and think they're the cutest things ever!

& here she is with Bosco. Can you tell what she is saying?
"doh dohh" = dog

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Lori said...

Aww - he's off to school! I missed Katie like crazy last year! But once we all got used to it, it was a fantastic time! CONGRATS Mom on having a school boy :)

PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!!!


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