Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gav's Pool

Mmm, the house smells delicious. I've got the brisket in the crock pot, it makes the house smell so yummy!

As for last nights dinner... I'm not sure I would make it again. The chicken was okay, but had a very strong flavor, almost too strong. We definitely did not need to use the extra sauce on it. The noodles were good but needed more flavor. So Kris and I mixed our chicken with our noodles and it kind of evened itself out. But still, I don't think I would make it again.

The chimichangas that I am making tonight, I have made before. They are very good and one of Kris' favorite dinners. But tonight I am trying them with brisket instead of round roast. I'm sure they will be just as good. It's the combination of seasonings that makes the meat so yummy!

After I finished my post yesterday, Kris and I got Gav's pirate ship pool out and blew it up for him. We literally had to blow it up ourselves because the pump we have was not working. Gav loved it though. Here are the pictures, and a video of him. The pool has a little "water gun" that you hook up to the water hose... You have to see the pictures to really understand how much Gavin loved it. I have a feeling I'll be getting that pool out every day for him to play in.

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