Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football, Soccer, Basketball, right??

Do all boys have the dirtiest fingernails in the world, or is it just mine? I must clip his nails every week and they grow back faster every time. It's like the longer they get, the more dirt he collects under them. I mean, you would think he builds dirt castles all day or something. And I swear he washes his hands. But if you saw his hands, you would think I am lying. By the way, its Gavin we're talking about here... Not Kris.

So last night, Kris grabs the fingernail clippers and starts clipping Gav's nails. Gav does his usual and covers his eyes with his other hand. He must think the clippers are going to attack him or something. Then once Kris is done clipping his nails, Gav looks at them really hard for a second and goes... "I don't want these nails." Kris and I look over at each other like, what is he talking about? So we ask him... You want them shorter? He proceeds to tell us that he wants "blue nails." He wants blue nail polish to paint them with.

Kris goes "Gav, only girls paint their fingernails. You're a boy. Don't you want to play football and soccer when you get bigger? You don't want to paint your nails." Hahaha I burst out laughing. I love my boys. They are very amusing.

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