Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm trying to keep up!

Every Sunday morning, Gavin gets up, immediately asks for sausage, biscuits, and coffee, then runs over to the front door, opens it up and grabs the Sunday newspaper. He is like an old man, with his coffee and Sunday paper! I will have to get a picture one of these days. Anyway, he loves looking through the advertisements in the paper, all the store catalogues and what not. He especially loves looking at the Toys R Us ad. I usually grab the coupons and start my clipping. Well, Gav spotted the Chuck E Cheese coupons on the back of my coupon booklet and of course demanded we go right away. So I told him to put the coupons on the fridge and we might go this week. Needless to say he woke up Monday morning and as soon as he heard me ask Kris "What are we going to do today?" He starts asking about Chuck E Cheese and telling us he has coupons to use! So off to Chuck E Cheese we went! He had a blast and I got some good pictures of him while we were there. I also got a short video of him in the car; On the way home from Chuck E Cheese, Kris stopped at the movie trading company and Gav and Kenna and I waited in the car. We got bored and I started taking pictures of Gavin and also recorded a small video of him. So be sure to check out my flickr account.

Well we had our baked tilapia and broccoli last night. It was deeee-licous, as it always is. I have my own recipe for the tilapia, we get it fresh from Market Streets and I bread it in panko bread crumbs and make a white wine, lemon, butter sauce to drizzle over it... Yummy! I could eat that every night of the week, and surprisingly Gavin has started eating fish with us! We've been having a lot of fish and chicken lately. Since Kris is on his "get-fit plan" we haven't been eating much red meat, except for the once a week when we go out for burgers.

Granny Mam came over for a little visit today. We went out to The Shops at Legacy to show her where Kris is working. The home theatre store he's working at is like his little playground. He is obsessed with a pair of $14,000 speakers there that he says he is going to own one day. So every chance he gets to show them off, he takes. While we were over there, we decided to have lunch at a place called Gordon Biersch. It is a restaurant brewery with delicious food! We started off with the crab and artichoke dip which was amazing!! Sooo yummy! Then I had the grilled chicken and avocado sandwich (as did Granny Mam), which comes with their famous garlic fries. Kris and Gavin both had burgers, which they said were delicious. Everything was so good, we are definitely going to go back! And if you haven't been, I definitely recommend you try it!

Kenna was up almost the entire day yesterday! I thought I was going to lose my mind! She usually wakes up for two hours, takes a three hour nap, gets up for another two hours, and naps for another three. Well yesterday was a different story. She slept for maybe an hour throughout the whole day! Finally around 10pm last night, Kris got her to go to sleep. She ended up sleeping until 6:30am, woke up to eat, then passed right back out until 10am! I couldn't believe she slept so well! I woke up about 3 times in the middle of the night to make sure she was still breathing since she usually wakes me up 2-3 times during the night to eat. I wish she slept like that every night, but I definitely want her to keep taking her naps throughout the day.

Well this is a longer entry than normal so I will leave it at that. But don't forget to check out the new pictures and video I posted :)

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