Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Weeks Meal Plan

Every day, I wake up thinking "What are we going to have for dinner tonight?" Then after contemplating almost all day long, I finally decide on something and end up having to make a last minute trip to the grocery store to get the few things I am missing. I am putting an end to that right now. I have just set up a meal plan for the entire week so no more putting together dinner at the last minute.

I found a blog that I absolutely love and it is where I get most of my recipes from. They always taste great and are usually pretty healthy dishes. I have put the links below so you can try them too. So here is the plan for this week...

Monday - Baked Tilapia and Broccoli

Tuesday - Asian Chicken and Fried Rice (I'll be making noodles instead)

Wednesday - Chimichangas (I will be using brisket instead of a round roast because its what I have in the freezer)

Thursday - Baked Tilapia and Asparagus

Friday - Lemon Basil Chicken Breasts and Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

Now that I've got my grocery list for the week... I'm off to the store!

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