Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been raining for the past 3 days, non stop. The power went out Friday night for a few hours, I thought Gav would be driving me crazy but instead he found a jumbo flashlight and had a blast running around the house with it!

Even though its been pouring over here lately, I still did my usual running around this weekend. Yesterday, the My Gym in Frisco had an open house so I took Gav for a while. They had a trampoline, a gymnastics bar, a ball pit, and a bunch of other cool stuff for the kids to play with. Gav absolutley loved it. There was music blaring and kids running around everywhere, of course Gav loved it... Thats his style. LOUD AND CHAOTIC :) Anyway I signed him up for classes. He starts this Tuesday and goes every week for an hour long structured class with other kids his age. And they also have what they call "free play" for an hour everyday where the kids that are enrolled in class can come and do whatever they want. I think it will be good for Gav to do something on his own. His class is an independent class so I will have an hour to myself everyday and he will have an hour with other kids. He is around way too many adults right now. He also got to meet Elmo at the open house and get his picture taken with him....

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