Friday, November 12, 2010

A little of this & a little of that

Gahhh. Kenna was running a 103 degree fever last night!!! Freaked me out! I took her straight to the DR at 9am this morning. Found out she has a bad ear infection, and that's on top of the two teeth she's getting right now. She has been suuuuperrr cranky. Poor thing. DR gave her an antibiotic and some claritin for her congestion so she should be feeling better by Sunday evening.

So it's Friday night. I just finished clipping and organizing tons of coupons. I went through our local supermarket ads and made a long grocery list. Tomorrow I'm going to head to Walmart and try to save loads of money by price matching and using coupons on top of sales. Money is pretty tight for us right now so I'm trying to find ways to cut back as much as I can. Hopefully this will help! If any of you money-saving-mommies have any tips, I would greatly appreciate them.

My car died AGAIN. I really need to just get rid of the POS and get a new one but that's not an option at the moment. So for the time being I'm taking my MIL to work in the mornings and using her car during the day. It sucks but at least she's willing to help me out and let me use her car for a little while! That's a blessing :)

In house news, our realtor sent a stager to our house Thursday. We were sitting at the dinner table Wednesday night, kind of laughing about it and wondering what in the world this stager was going to come in our house and change. Turns out she was GREAT! She totally re-vamped our whole house, using our OWN pieces. It's amazing how she made the house look so different. I will try to get some before and after pics up soon!

We don't really have plans this weekend. Just going to sit around and relax, and enjoy the cool weather we'll have. Hoping our little Kenna bug will be feeling better soon! Hope ya'll have an amazing weekend :)


Ashley said...

Sorry about your car, that sucks. I want to see before and after pics! I love that kind of stuff. I think staging is so neat. Good work on the coupons too!

Nikole said...

hope Kenna feels better soon! I hate when babies get sick. I hope the house sells, would be such a huge weight off your shoulders. I will pray for you guys.

Erinsgobragh said...

Wish you lived closer, hubby could work on your car. Hang in there girl if you want to talk to a money tight mom I'm around :) Be careful if you try Walmart brand stuff it's hit or miss :P

Kiss Kenna for me!

Kimberley said...

hope kenna is feeling better! hate it when they're sick! good luck shopping! i need major help with cutting corners! i know i just throw money away.

p.s. those muffins were delish!! took them to work and they were a hit!


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