Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Delicious Dinner

Last night we had roasted prime rib and a cheesy spinach rice bake. It was delicious. We spoiled ourselves with such a yummy meal. I meant to take pictures of the entrees right out of the oven but went ahead and made my plate first! So these are not the best pictures but hey, at least I got a few before the food was gone...

I was so nervous about making the prime rib because it is such a pricey piece of meat, and I did not want to mess it up! My MIL got it on sale a few weeks ago and we've had it stored in the freezer until I worked up the courage to roast it.

I find a lot of my recipes through food.com. I like that site because people give great reviews on the recipes and then I know how to tweak it to my family's tastes. There is a user on food.com called Kittencalskitchen she has the yummiest recipes! She always gets raving reviews about how good her recipes are. The two dishes I made last night are both from her. HERE is the prime rib. & HERE is the spinach Parmesan rice bake.

I am going to try out her Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole on Thursday.

So there you have it, my secret recipe finder! Now you can go find something yummy to make for dinner tonight :)

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Aha! You shared your recipe finder! Thanks! Your prime rib looks totally juicy, yum! And that rice bake? Insane! Must try that asap!


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