Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Well... today it's more like 'Few Words Wednesday.'

Gav & I made chocolate rice krispy treats!

He is the greatest mixer ;)

Kenna somehow gets up onto the counter in 2 seconds.
Every time I turn around.

Gav doesn't really like his sister helping him with his baking.
Bet you couldn't tell though, right?

My sweet boy and his delicious creation!

& My little monster that wanted to get her face all up in the camera!


Ashley said...

Yum and how cute are they working together!? I love a baby on the counter. :)

Erinsgobragh said...

Gosh I haven't made rice crispy treats since my mom was alive so that's 5 years ago! Will definitely do it with Sam though. Sam "helped" me make brownies the other day!

Kimberley said...

they are so stinkin' cute!!!


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