Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My kid, he's a strange one.

I'm still feeling under the weather. Not better, not worse, just the same. But both kids woke up coughing and congested this morning.. worse than yesterday. So I decided it was time to take them to the doctor. I told Gavin he was gonna have to miss school today to go to the doctor. He wasn't too fond of this idea. I had to bribe him with some Chick-Fil-A, then we were off the the doctor's office.

Gavin hates the doctor, he's always terrified he's going to get a shot or their going to poke and prod at him, or maybe rip off his arm. Okay, joking about that last one, but sometimes he makes it seem like that's what he is afraid of. Anyway, the DR comes in and starts asking the usual questions... Is he congested? Yes. Is he coughing? Yes. Does he have a fever? Yes. After every one of my yeses, Gavin follows with a "No I'm not!" or "Mommy I wasn't coughing!!" or "I told you!! I'M NOT SICK!" He was bouncing off the walls as soon as we got into the room and made it completely clear to everyone in the office that he was NOT SICK & DIDN'T NEED ANY SHOTS!!!

Thanks for making me look like a liar, honey. I really appreciate it.

I was sure he had an ear infection, or a sinus infection, or at least a severe cold. Nope. None of the above. DR says he looks great so it must be a mild cold. Add that to my list of parent FAILS. There was no need for him to miss school today, or for me to drag him to the DR's office. Although she did give him a prescription to help his 'cough' and 'congestion' during the night.

Also, you know how I had 'baked tilapia & asparagus' on my menu plan for tonight? Yeah, well that didn't sound good to me tonight, and I decided to have breakfast for dinner instead. I told my son this, thinking he would love the idea of pancakes and waffles for dinner instead of FISH. To my surprise, his response was... "No, I want fisssshhhhhh for dinner!!!"

My strange son ended up eating fish while the rest of us had breakfast. Gotta love him. Strange kid.


Ashley said...

Omg I wish my son would eat fish! :) Breakfast for dinner sounds so good. I hope everyone at your house feels better soon!

Erinsgobragh said...

Lol that's too funny! Awesome of you to make breakfast for dinner and still make him fish!

Lori said...

Hola lady!

I just awarded you the Versitile Blogger award on my page! Check it out under my current giveaway - thanks and CONGRATS!


maxi said...

oH HONEY, i WISH I HAD A BOOK OF YOUR BLOG, SO FUNNY, YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND SO ARE YOUR CHILDREN!!! LOL Ok, just realized it was caps, and you know I am not a typer so I won't go back! Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow and then the blog the next day. Pictures are awesome too, I love seeing Gav cook and Bugz all over the dang counter! Get better girl, can't wait to come over either, love you all so much!!!


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