Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a nice day :)

Gav had a great second day of school :) He came home so happy today and said he had more fun today than he did yesterday. That made me happy! He did a scavenger hunt, sang songs, had story time, and bought his lunch at school (even though I packed him a lunch this morning) all by himself. I am so proud of him and happy that he is enjoying this new part of his life.

With Gav at school for 3 hours, and Kenna napping most of the time he is away I find myself getting a lot done. Today I cleaned the house, and completely made dinner, then had time to sit down on the couch and flip through the channels. It's nice having quiet time :) Anyway, since dinner was already made, all I had to do was stick it in the oven, and voila! We ate early tonight and then went for a walk around the neighborhood, and played at the park for a little bit.

When I downloaded the pictures, I guess I unplugged the camera before all the pictures were on the computer, and I only got like half of them :( Sucks. They're all deleted off the camera.. I'm not sure how it all happened but anyway here are a few pics from our walk...

Getting situated before we left

Gav thought she was falling, so he put his arm around her

Kenna is cutting two more teeth so she looked like this the whole time...

My sweet boy

My crazy girl

Oh! And yesterday I grabbed my pink nail polish and painted Kenna's toe nails... they're kind of messy because I had to do it fast! But from far away they look fine :)

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Mandy said...

So glad Gav is having fun at school! What a big milestone for both of you!


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