Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exhausting Weekend

Do you watch Bachelor Pad? I do. I am in love with David. He is gorgeous... ahh so hottt. & I'm mad they voted Gia off... She was my fav girl. & There is something so sexy about Wes. I didn't watch his season on the bachelorette but I hear he was a total asshole. I don't know, he is pretty sexy though.

Okay, enough TV talk. How is your weekend going? Mine has been busy and exhausting! Friday I drove out to Ft worth to pick up my grandma, then we drove to Arlington to this place called Dixie's. Oh. My. Gosh. If you have a charm bracelet and live in the DFW area.. this is the place to be. They have EVERY charm you could think of & at such reasonable prices! I am totally in love with this little shop. They also have some adorable dresses, shoes and purses... Oh and TONS of jewelry. I could spend all my money there.

Anyway, so I got 7 new charms put on my bracelet (yes!!) and we had lunch, then went back to her house for a little bit, then I drove home in rush hour traffic. (Don't know what I was thinking!) Since I got home, we have been scrubbing down the house because we've got an open house tomorrow. It is so exhausting. I clean the toilet, Gav pees all over the seat - I clean the fingerprints off the fridge, Kenna wipes her cheeto fingers on it five seconds later - I pick up all the toys and put them in the toy box, the kids see who can pull them all back out the fastest - I fold 5,487 loads of laundry, Kenna knocks down every. single. pile. It never ends, I swear.

It is 10pm, Kenna has been asleep for an hour and half, and Gav is just starting to wind down; I think I'll be asleep before 10:30 tonight. & hopefully will sleep good and be fully rested and ready to tackle these kids tomorrow (figuratively speaking, of course) :)


Chelle said...

I love Bachelor Pad! Seriously--I love it all, it's such an awesome train wreck--so happy that I have another friend to talk about it with, haha!

That store sounds like heaven. *sigh*

My sister lives in Dallas and hates the traffic. She's constantly calling me as she basically just sits there. Lol!

And totally get it about once you have things nice and neat, BAM! The kiddos totally destroy it all :) Good times!


Erinsgobragh said...

I love B. Pad too. I have no clue what is so amusing about people back stabbing each other lol. Hope you get some rest. I've been sick this weekend and so has my 2 month old. It's so fun taking care of both of us lol.


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