Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 4 - Chicken Fried Steak

I have made chicken fried steak before, and it always turns out good. I usually just season the flour with salt and pepper, but The Pioneer Woman's recipe calls for Lawry's seasoned salt and to coat it twice in the egg wash and flour for an extra thick and crispy breading. Annd she makes her own gravy... something I have always been too intimidated to do. I usually use the little pouch of gravy mix from the grocery store but have wanted to learn to make my own gravy. Tonight I did. & it was SO much tastier than the gravy mix I use. I will never use the pouch again... It is home made gravy for me from now on. I will also continue using Lawry's seasoned salt in my flour because it gave the breading great flavor. Tonight's dinner was a hit with everyone. I am horrible at blogging about my cooking experiences... I never remember to take a picture of the finished product before I start scarfing it down. So... sorry ya'll but I dont have a photo for you.

Did I mention GM drove in to visit us today? And she is staying for a few days :) Yippeeee!
GM and Kenna sharing a giggle :)

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