Friday, July 30, 2010

That's why we leave the cartoon channel on all day

Am I the only crazy person that feels the need to change the look of my blog every two days?
I thought so. Sigh.

Anyway, Gavin was upstairs playing yesterday evening. I decided to watch the news while I made dinner, so I flipped to channel 9 and started watching. About 30 minutes later, I ran upstairs to change Kenna's diaper. When I came back down to the living room, the news was over and Family Guy was on. I found Gavin, with his eyes glued to the TV, and on the screen where two girls kissing, and throwing the word 'lesbian' back and forth. I quickly grabbed the remote and changed the channel. Then Gavin goes "Hey! I was watching that!" I said "That's not for kids, that is an adult show." He replied with "No, it was a cartoon... Cartoon's are for kids! & I like that show."

that is why we leave the cartoon channel on all. day. long.

Hello new followers & welcome to Mommy Madness :)


Hazel said...

I am a new follower from FF. Come visit my blog when you get the chance!

Critique of the Unique

Cakeblast said...

Our son used to like Family Guy - knew the words to the theme song when he was only three-years old. However,my wife no longer allows him to watch it do to him repeating everything lol. I am a new follower from Friendly Friday!


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