Monday, July 26, 2010

Me & my little man

Before Kenna was born, it was all about Gavin. He is the first grandchild on both sides, and was the baby of the family for 3 years. He was {and still is} spoiled rotten.

Then Kenna came. Gav wasn't the 'baby' anymore. He was so excited to be a big brother, and for the first six months of her life, he loved having a little sister. He asked me almost every day "when is Kenna gonna get big so I can play with her?" I would always answer with "soon enough, honey."

And soon enough, she was walking. Once she started walking, Gavin's whole perception of being a big brother changed. He no longer wanted a little sister. Instead of asking me when she will be big enough to play, he tells me "Mommy, get Kenna out of my room!" or "Mommy, make Kenna take a nap!" & because Kenna is younger and not as self sufficient as Gav, she gets more of my attention during the day; which has caused Gavin to start acting out. He acts out and does things he knows he is not supposed to, I discipline him, he acts out more. It is a vicious cycle.

I have been trying to spend more time with him. When Kenna is down for a nap, or occupying her self {banging her cup on the floor or feeding Cheetos to the dogs} I try to spend more time with Gav. But it is very rare that she is not being held or taken care of.

So today I decided to leave Kenna with Daddy and Gav and I had a date at the movies. He has been wanting to see Despicable Me since he saw the preview at Toy Story 3. We had a really good time, just the two of us. It was nice to be able to talk to him without any interruptions. I enjoyed my time with him & am going to make a point to take Gav to do something just him and I at least once a month. I love spending time with my little man :)


Nikole said...

aww, girl i think that is totally normal to feel that way. I am glad you took him out. he probably loved it more than you know!

Mandy said...

Glad you were both able to spend some time together!


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