Monday, June 28, 2010

Letters to my former self

Wanna get in on Letters To My Former Self?

Dear 13 year old Ciera,
Go visit your beloved Pop. Stay for as long as you can, take lots of photos with him, give him lots of hugs and kisses and make sure he knows how much you love him. He is very sick and it is going to be tough when you lose him. Know that it is okay to cry and you will do it a lot missing him over the years. You will name your daughter after him and be so proud when that time comes. Cherish the time you have left with him and stay strong for your Granny Mam, she needs you now more than ever.

Dear 14 year old Ciera,
This year you will start high school, and your period. Don't be insecure and shy, you are pretty, and you are smart. Don't waste your time on trying to be cool and popular. Just be yourself. You will meet a nice boy who you will fall madly in love with  spend many hours laughing, crying, and dreaming about. After a year or so he will move on and so will you... It's not the end of the world, and you will remain friends.

Dear 15 year old Ciera,
Don't hate your parents for moving you to a new high school. You will break out of your shyness quick and make some great friends. Stop being so self-centered and tell your Mom and Step-Dad that you love and appreciate them, and start following their rules... they aren't that bad! Oh, and that super cute boy in your history class.... it's never going to happen so get over it. And stop worrying about boys already, focus more on your school work! Spend a lot of time with your little brother. You may think he is annoying now but you are going to miss him so much later.

Dear 16 year old Ciera,
A lot will happen this year. You can finally drive legally!! You will meet your prince charming but won't realize it right away because he is a big player these days. Although he doesn't make it obvious that he likes you, he does, so don't let him fool you. Didn't I tell you to start following your parents rules? You should have listened... You're gonna get kicked out this year and move in with your boyfriend. Although I don't think this is a wise decision at your age, everything does turn out okay. You will also get your first job. Stay far far away from the boy you meet there. He is big trouble.

Dear 17 year old Ciera,
This is the year your life will change forever. You will become pregnant, have a baby, get engaged, and graduate high school. Your Mom will come back into your life and you two will be closer than ever. Cherish that time and get to know each other again. You will be miserable your entire pregnancy and have a very traumatic birthing experience but wont remember any of it when you're holding that baby for the first time. After the baby is born, don't be afraid to ask for help, you'll need all the help you can get. Don't try to do it all yourself. And that surgery that your son is going to have... It will be the first of many and you will have to stay strong; They never get any easier.

Dear 18 year old Ciera,
Why oh why did you decide to work at Hooters? It is not the place for you. It will take a while for you to realize this because you are so damn hard headed. You and your fiance will break up this year. But it will only last a week and you will both realize how much you love each other. Enjoy all the time you can with your son. That little boy is the light of your life, and he will grow up in the blink of an eye so cherish those slobbery baby kisses and the long nights when its just you and him staring into each other's eyes. It won't be long before you go from "mommy" to "mom."

Dear 19 year old Ciera,
This is the year! Finally, after being engaged for two whole years, you're going to marry your man! I know you dreamed of having a big wedding with all your friends and family but you just can't wait for that any longer. So your little courthouse wedding will have to do and the cute little reception you have afterwards will be awesome! But you will also experience extreme heartbreak this year. You will lose a very special person in your life. Make a surprise visit to your Uncle Jeff's house and spend as much time with him as you can.

Dear 20 year old Ciera,
 You will get pregnant this year. This pregnancy will have a rough start but will be full of happiness and excitement later on. Treasure all the moments with your son now, soon you will be a mommy to two and have your hands full. And if you think Gavin is a little monster... Just wait for your next one. Also, it's time now to name your babygirl after your amazing Grandfather... You'll come up with the perfect name!

Dear 21 year old Ciera,
Well this isn't the 21st birthday you imagined as a teenager, is it?! But that's okay because you have an amazing life. You are a great Mom. Don't get down on yourself. Try not to get stressed, and remember to ask for help! You have an amazing husband who is willing to help you... Let him. And when your daughter hits the 12 month mark stop breast-feeding her already!! If you don't do it now, it will just get more difficult. Enjoy the little moments. Stop worrying, and stressing, and nagging. Just sit back and relax & take in all the wonderful blessings in your life :)


Nikole said...

Love this!

Krista said...

I really love this post and your blog ! I really feel like I can relate to you :) I will be back to read more.

Best Wishes

maxi said...

Okay, so you have made me cry, but you knew you would, right?? You are just so awesome, a great writer, you should be a photojournnalist!! Very sweet, very touching!! I love you more than life, GM


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