Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's been a lovely morning

I got up and started making banana bread this morning. It took me at least 45 minutes to get everything together in one bowl (hey, with two kids it is nearly impossible to get anything done in a timely manner). All I needed to do was sprinkle in some cinnamon & pop it in the oven. I went to the pantry, spotted the cinnamon, reached for it and got back to the bowl of batter. Opened the little container, and started pouring it in. It didn't smell right so I looked down. That's when I realized I was sprinkling cumin into my banana bread. Great.

I wasn't about to let that whole bowl of batter go to waste so I fished out as much cumin as I could and loaded it up with real cinnamon. It just came out of the oven and smells pretty good so we'll see how it tastes in a little bit.

During the midst of completely ruining making my banana bread, Kenna was wreaking chaos in my house. She opened the dog food bin and proceeded to mix the dog food pebbles into her cereal. She also poured out the entire contents of the dogs water bowl onto the kitchen floor. Then slipped and fell in it at least 5 times. And her favorite thing to do EVER, is take alllll of the kids plastic plates and bowls out of the cabinet and play the drums with them on the hard wood floor. At least their plastic, right? I swear, this child looks for things to get into. She is such a little disaster waiting to happen.

Hopefully this is no indication of how the rest of my day will be :)



The banana bread turned out awesome. It is delicious. I guess I got all the cumin out because I couldn't taste any & the cinnamon was yummmmy. I will be posting this recipe later today!

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