Friday, May 28, 2010


My little man had surgery yesterday. He had a total dental rehabilitation. Two baby root canals, one tooth removed, & four caps. Although this was his fourth, and easiest surgery, it was harder on him than the last one. He had a different anesthesiologist than the last three times and this guy did not give Gavin pain medicine before he woke up. Which made for a very grumpy Gavin. He usually wakes up pretty calm and quiet and sleeps off the anesthesia. But this time he woke up right away and was throwing himself all over the place. The nurse tried to give him some Tylenol to relax him a little so he could sleep it off but he refused to take any. He was very angry while we were at the hospital and kept saying he was hungry and wanted to go home. As soon as we got out to the car (after being at the hospital almost all day) he was a happy camper again. Gavin always bounces back pretty quickly. He never complained about his mouth hurting or anything and never ended up taking any pain medicine or Tylenol. My little man is a trooper. His only request yesterday was a hamburger and french fries, which he got on the way home. He is the only person I know that can eat a hamburger and french fries 3 hours after having all that dental work done.

The tooth that was pulled out, we got to take home. It was the first time Gavin got to put a tooth under his pillow & he was thrilled when he woke up and saw that the tooth fairy left him three whole dollars :)

& Kenna finally has a tooth!! She popped her first tooth a few days ago and it is finally visible. She has her bottom right tooth and that's all. & She will be one in two weeks. I don't know how she gums all the food she eats!

Gm drove in Wednesday to be here for Gavin's surgery and she went home this morning. She has all the pictures from surgery on her camera so as soon as I get them I will post some. Gavin is doing good today, back to his normal self again & looking forward to having a break from surgeries for a while!

Also!! Saw this on Jacqui's blog (The Ins & Outs of A Stay-At-Home Mom & Wife) and thought I would try it out. I am looking forward to any new followers & will be checking out some blogs and becoming a new follower myself :) Welcome to all the new readers! & thanks Jacqui!



Anonymous said...

why did he need that surgery?

Mommy said...

I love this post, glad Gavin is doing better, & I def want to come to Kennas bday (: I CAN NOT believe she is one already, seems like just yesterday I visited you in the hospital. Love you girl.

Ciera said...

He was born with a cleft lip and palate... which is the cause of a lotttt of dental work needed.


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