Monday, May 31, 2010

Potty trained!

Gavin has been doing SO good lately. Since that night he pooped in the potty, he has been wearing 'big boy undies' and has not had one accident!!!! He is even wearing underwear to bed! Last night at around 3am, I am laying in bed asleep, and I hear "Mommy, Daddy?" I say "What's wrong, honey?" He informs me that he needs to pee pee. He and I both get out of bed and stumble into the bathroom, still half asleep. Gavin gets in the bathroom before me and starts peeing. I get to the bathroom, turn on the light and find Gavin standing up peeing towards the potty. But instead of making it into the potty, he is peeing all over the toilet seat and the floor. By the time I realize what he is doing and tell him to lift up the toilet seat, he is done peeing and already walking back to the bed.

At least he made it to the potty. I would rather him pee all over the toilet seat than in my bed :)

It is fabulous to not have to change a 4 year old's poopy diaper anymore. Not to mention not having to buy pull ups... They are so expensive!!

I am very proud of my little man, even if it did take him 4 whole years.

Fully potty train Gavin.


Mommy said...

awww, i am so proud! that is so exciting, i dont know how you afforded all the diapers with two!
Congrats Gavin.
I love the Orents. (:

Stephanie said...

As a nanny I had to always make sure the little boy was aiming correctly! LOL! We put cheerios in there orrr we told him to sink the toilet worked for him! I haven't tried it since I was a nanny...many years ago...but it did work!! :) GOOD LUCK!


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