Friday, May 21, 2010

He pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, he said he needed to pee pee, so he went to the bathroom. Next thing I know he is screaming from the bathroom "I'm pooping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and it wasn't an 'I'm so proud of myself for going on the potty!' kind of scream. It was more of a 'Help me, I need a pull up!!!!' kind of scream. When he got finished, Kris and I showered him with pride and told him what a big boy he was. But none of that worked. He was not proud. Or happy. He was mad.

Then this morning I said "I'm still very proud of you for pooping on the potty like a big boy last night." And he replied with "Yeah, I can't believe I did that." Like he was embarrassed or something.

I will have to keep trying to convince him that it is a good thing. It was a break through though. Four years and twenty-six days old and he finally pooped in the potty for the first time. That is exciting news, and I know you all are as thrilled as I am about this :)


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