Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stayed in the house today

It's rare that I wake up before both kids, and get to have some peace and quiet before the munchkins are downstairs reeking havoc together. But this morning, I got lucky (or so I thought). I come downstairs and start flipping through the channels, trying to find something good to watch while I make breakfast. Three of my favorite movies happen to be on. Dirty Dancing, Serendipity, and The Family Man. I've seen all of them about a hundred times but I decide on Serendipity, then go into the kitchen to start breakfast. Right as I get the last piece of bacon on the griddle, I hear Gavin's voice. He comes running downstairs, insisting I put Spongebob on. About five seconds later, the baby monitor is blaring with Kenna's high pitched coos. There goes my peace and quiet. Let the chaos begin.

The weather yesterday was awesome. Sunny and warm. Today was the exact opposite. Cold and rainy. I did not want to take the kids out in the freezing cold, wet weather. So it was a perfect day to stay in and get some spring cleaning done, and that's what we did. It was a lazy day for the kids, and they got to spend the whole day in their pj's. Gavin likes helping me vacuum. He takes the hose to the vacuum cleaner and sucks up all the dust and dirt he can find. It keeps him busy for a while and is one less thing for me to clean. So he enjoyed that.

Kenna is crawling all over the place. She has recently discovered the dogs water bowls. Every time I sit her on the floor, she takes off straight to the water bowl, throws her hands in the bowl, then rubs them all over the hardwood floor. It is such a mess. Anytime she is being mysteriously quiet, I know exactly where she is. Oh! She took her first steps!! My Mom had the kids the other night. When we went to pick them up, I walked in and saw Kenna holding onto the coffee table with one hand. I shouted her name and threw my hands in the air and she looked over and saw me, threw her hands into the air and took two steps toward me. I swooped her up and started yelling... "She took two steps to me!!!" Haha I was so excited! Since then, she's been cruising all over the place. I'm just waiting for the day when she lets go of the couch and takes off on her own. Hopefully I'll have the camera near by!

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