Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun with Thomas

Thomas the tank engine was in Grapevine yesterday. It comes here once a year and I have been wanting to take Gavin for a while now so we went yesterday. Kris had to work, so Claire left work early and went with us. It was so nice outside, except for it being the "windiest day of the year, so far," according to the news. Gav got his picture taken with Thomas and Sir Topham hat, and we went on the train ride. Then they had a lot of fun activities for the kids so we were there for almost four hours. He picked out some stuff from the gift shop... a conductor's hat, a Thomas watch, and a Thomas whistle. It was great, and I'm sure when Kenna is old enough to know who Thomas is, we will be going again. There is a new frozen yogurt place out there that opened two weeks ago so we stopped and had some before leaving. The red velvet was the best! Then they have all these toppings to throw on, it was good and Kenna loved the yogurt.

When we got home from Grapevine we relaxed for a while until Kris came home from work. He said as he was passing the Tom Thumb, he saw that police had the whole store, and surrounding stores blocked off. That was around 6:30. We went to dinner, came back and they still had it all blocked off but there were no news crews out there and this time we saw a bomb-defusing robot in the parking lot. We came home and Kris called one of the news channels to ask if they knew about it and they told him yes, there was a bank robbery and the robber left a suspicious package saying it was a bomb. The police had Tom Thumb closed until around 11pm. We watched the news but they didn't mention much about it so I don't know if they got the robber or what. It is pretty scary though, to think that that is the grocery store the kids and I go to almost everyday. Thank God we weren't in there when all this took place.

As for today, I have to run up to wally world for a few things. Then we are taking Gavin to a birthday party at a roller skating rink in Dallas. This should be very interesting considering Gavin has never roller skated before and I have no idea how to roller skate. He is very excited about going though, and I'm sure we'll have a blast. Hopefully they'll have his size roller skate. I will try to get some pictures while we're there!

Have a happy Saturday :)

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