Saturday, February 20, 2010

It Broke My Heart

Yesterday, we were at breakfast, when Kris got a phone call. He got off the phone and proceeded to tell me that it was a company that he applied for and they want him to come in for an interview. After breakfast, we took the kids to the park to play. On the way home from the park Kris got another phone call. He got off the phone and said it was another employer that wanted him to go online and submit an application when he got a chance. I told him he would have to do that as soon as we got home. As Kris and I were talking about this, Gavin was in the backseat and shouted "Nooo!" I turned around and saw that he had tears in his eyes. I said "Gavin, whats wrong?" He said... "I don't want Daddy to go back to work!!" It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. My heart dropped. Gavin is getting used to having Daddy home all the time and loves that he has Daddy all to himself during the day. Don't know what I'm going to do when Kris goes back to work.

On to happier things... We took Gavin to Barnes and Noble last night. They have this thing once a month called a Pajama Party. They have story time, crafts, snacks, singing, dancing, and a meet and greet. Last night it was about Clifford the big red dog. It was the first time we had ever gone to one of these so I didn't really know what to expect. But it was actually a lot of fun. They got to read books, make a little Clifford dog to take home, got to meet Clifford, and got a cookie at the end of the night. Gavin really enjoyed it. Next month they are having Arthur, so I'm sure we will be attending that one too.

Kenna is becoming a picky little eater. She has been eating more people food lately. She is learning how to mash food with her gums so she is eating more of the food we eat, and over the last week or so she wont have anything to do with her baby food. After having all those yummy foods to taste, the baby food just isn't appetizing to her anymore. She is still not completely crawling yet. She gets on her hands and knees and kind of hops around. She moves her arms as if she is going to take off crawling, but then either drags her legs behind her or hops around. It's pretty funny to watch but I still cant wait for her to start crawling.

Well we have a busy day today so I am off! Have a happy Saturday :)

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