Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, my children make me laugh...

My five year old son runs through the house letting the world know he has to poop. Once he's sure everyone and their mother has heard his announcement, he sits on the toilet and starts his deed. I hear all kinds of grunting/pushing sounds coming from the bathroom. Then his two year old sister opens the bathroom door to see what he's doing. He tells her "It's okay, you can come in, it doesnt smell that bad in here..." She walks in, tears off her diaper and sits on her potty chair. Then she starts imitating her big brother, making the same grunting/pushing sounds she heard him making. He listens to her for a minute, then goes... "Look, I don't mind if you sit in here and poop with me but you gotta stop making those sounds, you're freaking me out."

The things my children say. Priceless.

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