Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you to Erin at Samantha's Day for the Stylish blogger award! I just love getting these blog awards, it's so nice to know your blog is read and loved. It makes my day; seriously. So now I'm going to make someone elses day! I received this award before Thanksgiving but have been so busy at home, I haven't had time to pass it along. Until now, so here goes...

In order to accept this award you must....
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded this to you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 (maximum) recently discovered great blogs.

4. Contact those bloggers and let them know about their award.

7 Things About ME....

1. I live with my MIL. (Some of you are aware of this but some aren't.) & we get along great!
2. I like to do things myself. I hate asking for help.

3. I love throwing parties. (Christmas parties, birthday parties etc..)

4. There are currently 5 shows on my DVR that I need to catch up on.

5. I'm still trying to master photography with my SLR. I learn a new trick with it every day.

6. I am a morning person; not a night owl, at all.

7. I love grocery shopping (when I don't have the kids, and can take my time).

Now I pass my award along to these wonderful bloggers:

1. The Bonnie 5
2. Married To The Army
3. A Happy, Lovely & Simple Life
4. Life With My 3 Boybarians
5. Nikki's Nacs
6. This Lovely Life
7. Thrifty Decor Chick


Karli said...

Awww thank you SO much for thinking of me - that's so sweet! :-) I love learning little tibits about my e-friends too - I'm with you on #4, 5 and 7 LOL! Well, I suppose number seven... not that I ever GET to go alone - ha! :-)

Ashley said...

Congrats girl!


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