Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I need the weekend!

So, yesterday was my first blog in almost 10 days. & it was all. about. food. Three posts in one day, all pertaining to yummy, scrumptious, deliciously fattening food. Does that tell you anything?

I'm stressed. I cook, bake, and eat A LOT when I'm stressed.

It's this stupid house. It has me stressed beyond belief. We've been on the market for almost four months. We've had 3 'second' showings, and multiple people leaving feedback saying they're interested in the house but no offers. Not one.

A house the exact same floor plan as ours came on the market last week, priced less then what we're asking. Very frustrating.

Gavin came home from school yesterday with a bruise on his cheek. The teacher said another child 'hit him in the face with a magnetic wand.' On purpose. Because he wanted the toy Gavin was playing with. I hate bullies.

My poor baby. He had to go to the nurse and get an ice pack for his face. & now he is afraid of that child.

On a lighter note, Halloween is in a few days and we have a full weekend planned of fun activities. I'm looking forward to having fun with the kids and taking lots of pictures!

Thanks for letting me vent :)


Nikole said...

Aww girly, I am so sorry your stressed out about the house. Everything will work out, it always does, I hope you guys have a great halloween weekend!

Jennifer said...

That stinks!!!

Are you guys tricker treating in the neighbor hood?? maybe i'll see yall!!

Ashley said...

There is nothing worse than trying to sell a house! Hang in there, I hope you get an offer soon!


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