Monday, September 27, 2010

Love the weather, hate the allergies.

I feel like death. Saturday night I got a really bad headache and did not sleep well at all. I started getting really nauseous in the middle of the night (I think from all the drainage). Yuk. & I am not feeling any better today. The low for today is 55 degrees, and with the cool weather comes horrible allergies. My throat feels like it's been rubbed with sand paper, and I cant breathe through my nose for the life of me. Gav and Kenna both have stuffy noses, and hubbs has a sore throat too. We're all feeling under the weather.

On to better news... Our garage sale was a success. We were out there at 7am and by 10:30, ninety percent of our stuff was gone and we were $230 richer. Gav loved having his lemonade stand, and he made about 10 bucks selling lemonade and toys, so he's a happy camper.

Not much else going on over here. The house is beginning to look like a tornado hit it. With everyone being sick, things tend to get a little out of control. Hopefully I can gain a little bit of my energy back today and get this house picked up, but until then, I'll be cuddled up on the couch with my sick babies.

Oh and the Cowboys had their first win of the season yesterday :) That put a big smile on all of our sick faces!

Have a garage sale.

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Ashley said...

I love the idea of a lemonade stand with a yard sale. Glad it was a success! Feel better!


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