Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts

GM went home today :( I miss her already.

My baby boy will be starting school next week. For the very first time... I might loose it a little.

If my daughter was my first born, I probably would not have had any more kids. That child gives me a run for my money; she's nothing like her brother.

My mom went out of town this morning and I'm already sick of watching her little Chihuahua... He's the meanest little thing you've ever seen.

I got lazy and bored of trying new recipes... So instead of doing it for 7 days... I knocked it down to 5.

Last night's True Blood was a little disappointing.

I'm excited to sit down {alone} tonight and watch Bachelor Pad and RHONJ in peace and quiet. (I don't live for TV, I swear.)

That movie Date Night... It's pretty funny and totally relatable. You should watch it.

I want the charms I just ordered from Ebay to hurry up and get here already.

Ugh. I'm stuffed from dinner and ready to put the kids to bed but it's only 6:30!!!

1 comment:

Nikole said...

other than the two kids thing, we are the same person.


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