Thursday, July 15, 2010

A trip to the ER

Okay. So I still haven't been updating much... It's just been SO incredibly busy around here!

But this morning I got a lovely message from a friend of mine saying she recently discovered my blog and loves reading it, which totally made my day. & now I feel the need to post!

Let me start by saying... Gavin has been pooping in the toilet!!! I took some wonderful advice from a friend of mine and started making Gavin get in the shower and clean himself when he pooped in his underwear. Needless to say, he did not like that at all. Remember, this incident? Anyway, after that he stopped pooping in his underwear, and started pooping in the toilet.

Which brings me to yesterday... Gav, Kenna, and I took a trip to Toys R Us to get Gavin the robot he was promised, when he started pooping in the toilet. Every time we go to that store, we spend HOURS there. Gavin can never decide on one toy so we walk around the store a billion times before he decides which one he wants.

This is how my day started yesterday.

After we finally had the robot he wanted in our cart, we went to the girls section to try to find something for Kenna.

{Let me just say that when I go to the grocery store, Kenna sits in the big part of the shopping cart and I pile my groceries on top of her. This way keeps her in the cart, and quiet while I try to get my shopping done.}

So this is what I did at Toys R Us. She was sitting in the big section of the shopping cart and Gav and I were discussing a new robot he had just discovered. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Kenna leaning over the side of the cart, and before I know it her head is plummeting to the floor. So with my {cat-like} reflexes, I reach down and grab her by the ankle. By that time though, her head had already hit the tile floor. I pull her up into my arms, and try to comfort her and calm her down. She gets quiet and lays her head down on my shoulder, so I grab Gavin and his toys and rush to the checkout. I get out to the car and Kenna is completely passed out on my shoulder. I put her in her car seat and try to wake her up but she is in and out of a fog and I can't get her fully awake. At this point, I am completely loosing it. I get Gavin in the car, put my flashers on and high tail it to the hospital. As soon as we got to the ER she woke up and was looking around like she didn't know what was going on. After talking to her for a few minutes, she looks over at Kris and goes "dada" and started acting like her normal self again. So we spent a long 4 hours in the ER, the DR looked at her and did a cat scan, he said everything looked fine and to just keep an eye on her and make sure I can wake her up when she falls asleep. Which, I did. All. Night. Long. Because I was so afraid she wasn't going to wake up again.

But everything is fine now. She acted completely normal all day today and her bruise looks a lot better then it did yesterday. It was pretty scary though.

Kris has informed me that if I ever need another career path, I should drive an ambulance. I guess I kind of freaked him out with my driving on the way to the ER. & I probably should have let Kris drive anyway because I just panic in times like this.

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Nikole said...

Poor baby! I hope she is feeling better! I hope Gavin liked his robot though, glad she is feeling better!


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