Monday, June 7, 2010

I've been MIA!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend :)

Grandma Claire took a trip to Toys R Us this weekend and came home with a little pool for the backyard, and some fun water toys for the kids. So we spent our weekend lounging around in our swimsuits, soaking up the sun. Then did some shopping on Sunday, and I bought these cute pieces...

How adorable is this dress?

I LOVE the zipper in the back.

& These shoes :)

I will be wearing this outfit to the surprise birthday party I am throwing my MIL this weekend :)

I have a busy week. I have to get this house squeaky clean before the party, and get everything together without my MIL knowing whats going on. Hope I can pull it off! Then the kids have a birthday party to go to on Friday and we are going to my brother's graduation on Saturday. We will be busy busy busy.

Got my bathroom clean AND organized yesterday! It took quite a while but my bathroom has never been more shiny! Now if I can just keep Gavin from peeing on the seat/floor/shower curtain/walls I'll be in good shape.

Clean & organize my bathroom.

1 comment:

Nikole said...

I love your new page, and I love that outfit :) the shoes are fab!

I cant wait to try your lasagna, thanks, cause i needed an idea for


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