Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double Whammy!!!

I finally weaned Kenna completely.
I'm not really sure how it happened but she is no longer interested in the boob. When she hit the one year mark, she was only nursing twice a day... before she went to sleep. So I started giving her whole milk in a bottle at nap time and bed time. & I guess that's what worked! Woo Hoo :) :) :)

& bought a DSLR!

I have been wanting one for SO long. & finally purchased one online, now just have to wait for it to arrive. I have never owned a fancy schmancy camera before and am a little intimidated by it. I just hope I can learn how to use it!
For those of you who own a DSLR, what kind of lens do you use? Any advice for me?
For now I will just leave you with some oh so sweet pictures I took of Kenna and I with my other camera :)

Wean Kenna completely.
Buy a DSLR


Mandy said...

Very exciting! I can't wait to see all the new pictures you take with it!

Nikole said...

she looks just like you :)
cant wait to see your pics your gonna take, we need to get the fams together and take pictures of eachother :)


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