Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally catching a break...

Kenna is napping, and Gavin is playing in his new bedroom so I am finally finding some quiet time to post!

I don't think I mentioned that Christmas 2009 was the worst yet for the Orent Family. It all started around 8pm on Christmas eve. We had just finished eating dinner and I started feeling extremely ill.... Ended up not staying up with everyone, just went straight to bed. Woke up around 10pm to everyone having a good time downstairs and I was feeling WORSE then before. To make a long story short, I was up every hour throwing up in the bathroom. At around 6am on Christmas day, Kris jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.... He was throwing up now. After getting up and migrating to the couch downstairs to watch the kids open their Christmas gifts, I found out Claire had also started throwing up the night before and she also spent the whole night in the bathroom. I guess we all got a stomach virus or something. Courtney, Conner and the kids never ended up getting it and they basically had Christmas by themselves. Kris and I spent the entire day in bed. Courtney and Conner took Gavin to Popops house and my Mom came and got Kenna for me. I started feeling a little better around 8pm Christmas day but Kris and Claire weren't feeling better until the next day. It must have been a 24 hour stomach bug. So we ended up having our Christmas dinner that Sunday after spending the weekend recovering from our illness.

I spent the following week moving Gavin's WHOLE ENTIRE bedroom from the media room (where he used to be) to the game room. He got so many new toys from everyone for Christmas and there was just no space in the media room for all of his things so we had to move him. AND I did it BY MYSELF because my stubborn husband tried to tell me that his things were not going to look good in the game room and they were going to be too heavy and I wasn't going to be able to move them by myself. Psh, I proved him wrong. Then we moved our living room furniture into the media room so we can actually watch movies in there now :) And Gavin loves having all of his toys in one room. As do I, now that they're not spread all over the house!

Well as for this week... Kim, Mady, and Simmi came over this morning. Since Christmas, Gavin has been saying he wants his friends to come over and play with his new toys with him. So he and Mady spent the day playing upstairs. We had lunch here and Kenna and Simmi had fun sharing toys too... It was a good day :) Gavin has class tomorrow morning, then we've got a few errands to run in the afternoon. Wednesday we're driving out to Lake Worth to see GM :) We haven't been to her house in a very, very long time; So we're going to spend the day with her and Val. Then Friday, Gavin's gym has a Winter Carnival going on so we'll be attending that during the day. We've got a full week planned but it should be fun :)

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