Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Army, Really?

You know all those great ideas my husband comes up with? The ones he focuses on for about a month, then gets tired of it and moves on to something better. That's what I thought this was. Just another crazy off the wall thought that wouldn't last. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. He has decided to join the military. I spent many hours arguing and debating with him about why this is a horrible idea and cant seem to get through to him. On that note, I have decided to just stop the debating and be supportive of his decisions. He seems to really want this, and if this is going to make him happy then I'm all for it. So, I will keep you all posted on whats going on during this process. So far he has met with a few recruiters from the army, the navy, and the national guard and he is just gathering information and trying to figure out what is best for him and our family. We'll see where this takes us....

On a lighter note, life is good. The kids are great! Gavin is starting soccer next month! He seems to really like it so we're signing him up for classes this spring/summer. Then in the fall, he'll be old enough to play on a team, so if he still loves it, we'll put him on a team! As for Kenna, she is starting to get on her hands and knees and rock back and forth (a sign that crawling isn't too far away). I got her a walker a few weeks ago and she loves it! She loves having that freedom to go where she wants, and she loves chasing the dogs! I put her in the walker while I cook dinner; The other night she grabbed the back of my pant leg as I was rushing around the kitchen and she went for a little joy ride. Ha Ha. It was pretty funny!

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